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JayRar has been involved in music from the age of 16, but originally succeeded in gaining a career in therapeutic counselling. It wasn’t until the age of 25 after forming a local soul band, that he felt inspired to pursue his musical talents and follow his dreams.  He now writes songs to connect with others via honest expression, and much like his previous career, with a sense of helping those in need.

JayRar currently has an acoustic EP, ‘Raw’ that debuted in 2018, showcasing the breadth of his talents in a raw, unadulterated fashion. He's been described as sounding like a mix between James Bay, Craig David and Newton Faulkner, which to any muso, is an eclectic trio and an exciting concept. Going forward, he will be releasing new singles every few months in order to build momentum, gain a stronger following and connect with as many people as possible on his journey to reaching the charts.

JayRar is a singer-songwriter and solo artist based in Chesterfield, UK. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice described by Christian Carlisle (BBC Sheffield) as ‘incredibly soulful’, JayRar’s passionate and heartfelt originals have been turning heads in over 70 countries. JayRar has also had an illustrious career performing his own arrangements of covers at weddings and functions across the UK, with his rendition of ‘Sucker For Pain’ amassing over 1.4 million views on YouTube to date.

With a perfectionist attitude, JayRar’s music leans into the interplay between contrasting dynamics. Exploring both the gentle and powerful elements of melody, his music uses profound lyrics and potent soundscapes to deliver an experience that tugs on emotional heartstrings. Lyrically, he delves into both darker and lighter shades, and is unafraid to open doorways to conversation about difficult topics.

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